Sub-17 | Monterrey 0-2 América

Sábado 7 de noviembre 2015.
11:30 hrs.
El Cerrito.
Monterrey, Nuevo León..

#337 Rafael Girón (Portero)

#333 Diego Cueto
#336 Aldair Fernández
#347 Didier Rendón
#354 Daniel Zamora

#334 Jerzy Cuevas (#351 Duilio Tejeda 72′)
#339 José Guillén (Capitán)
#338 Brandon González (#356 Daniel Moragreja 85′)
#350 Andrés Sulaimán (Gol 35′) (#342 Diego Lainez 50′)

#341 Juan Hidalgo (#359 Sebastián Rodríguez 83′)
#345 Iván Moreno (Gol 85′)

DT – Jorge Martínez
AUX – Margarito Torres

  1. Victor

    We just recieved the book and your card. Thanks for tniknihg of us and it sounds like God has called you for something beautiful. We are going to miss you. It is not the same without your smiling faces:) Oddly enough a year goes by fast. May God keep you and your family safe as His miracles unfold on you. We will keep you all in our prayers. Blessings .In Christian Love, Pam Tony