Sub-17 | Toluca 1-2 América

Domingo 1 de noviembre 2015.
09:00 hrs.
Instalaciones Metepec.
Metepec, Estado de México.

#337 Rafael Girón (Portero)

#333 Diego Cueto (Gol 34′) (#350 Andrés Sulaimán 83′)
#336 Aldair Fernández
#346 Oscar Ortega
#354 Daniel Zamora

#334 Jerzy Cuevas
#339 José Guillén (Capitán)
#342 Diego Lainez (Gol 6′)(#332 Karim Chabert 90′)
#356 Daniel Moragreja (#338 Brandon González 66′)

#341 Juan Hidalgo (#331 Enrique Bañuelos 68′)
#345 Iván Moreno

DT – Jorge Martínez
AUX – Margarito Torres

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    I’m currently rewatching my old boxsets of Doctor Who and Spooks each week 😀 I also agree about Outcasts, but at least in the end it wasn’t awful, though I’m not surprised it was axed. I’m also hoping to get around to watching my DVD of Strike Back